Supreme Court

  1. As Civil Suit To Enforce Claim In Benami Property Is Barred, Criminal Proceeding By 'Real' Owner Also Impermissible: Supreme Court
  2. Decided on 15.05.2024

  3. Time-Barred Suit Must Be Dismissed Even If Plea Of Limitation Isn't Raised As Defence : Supreme Court
  4. Decided on 16.05.2024

  5. Arbitrator's Power Under Section 32(2)(c) Can Be Exercised Only If Continuation Of Proceedings Has Become Unnecessary Or Impossible: Supreme Court
  6. Decided on 16.05.2024

  7. Tenant Continuing In Possession After Expiry Of Tenancy Liable To Compensate Landlord By Paying 'Mesne Profits' : Supreme Court
  8. Decided on 17.05.2024

  9. Specific Performance Of Contract Can Be Refused If Suit Wasn't Filed Immediately After Breach Though Within Limitation Period : Supreme Court
  10. Decided on 17.05.2024

    High Courts

  11. Mosque Managing Committee Can Grant Lease Of Waqf Property For Less Than One Year: Andhra Pradesh High Court
  12. Decided on 27.02.2024

  13. Duty Of Public Servant's Wife To Discourage Him From Taking Bribe: Madras High Court Refuses To Set Aside Conviction Of Sub-Inspector's Wife
  14. Decided on 12.03.2024

  15. Trade Marks Registrar Must Pass Speaking Order With Reasons While Adjudicating On Application For Registration Of Trade Mark Assignment: Bombay High Court
  16. Decided on 15.04.2024

  17. Police Has Jurisdiction To Investigate Where Documents Forged Locally For Submitting To Foreign Court, Private Complaint Maintainable: Karnataka HC
  18. Decided on 28.05.2024

  19. Grant Of Statutory Bail Not Interlocutory Order But Final Order: Delhi High Court
  20. Decided on 28.05.2024