Supreme court

  1. Motor Accident Claims - Social Status Of Deceased To Be Considered If There's No Definite Proof Of Income: Supreme Court
  2. Decided on 28.08.2023

  3. Section 148 NI Act - Deposit Of Minimum 20% Amount Is Not An Absolute Rule; Can Be Relaxed If Exceptional Case Is Made Out: Supreme Court
  4. Decided on 01.09.2023

  5. Judge Is Not A Mere Recording Machine; Must Actively Search For Truth In Trial : Supreme Court
  6. Decided on 04.09.2023

  7. Supreme Court Releases Man Incarcerated For 12 Years After Finding That He Was A Juvenile At The Time Of Offence: Supreme Court
  8. Decided on 05.09.2023

  9. High Courts Cannot Refuse To Follow SC Judgment On Ground Of Review/Reference Pending Against It; In Case Of Conflicting Judgments, Follow Earlier One: Supreme Court
  10. Decided on 06.09.2023

  11. In Partition Suit, Every Interested Party Deemed To Be A Plaintiff; No Bar In Passing Numerous Preliminary Decrees: Supreme Court
  12. Decided on 11.09.2023

  13. Mental Illness No Bar To Pursue MBBS Course If NEET-UG Is Qualified : National Medical Commission: Supreme Court
  14. Decided on 12.09.2023

  15. Specific Performance Suit - When No Time Is Fixed For Performance, Limitation Runs From Period When Plaintiff Had Notice Of Refusal : Supreme Court
  16. Decided on 12.09.2023

  17. Res Judicata Can't Be Decided In Application Under Order VII Rule 11 CPC As Previous Suit Documents Have To Be Seen : Supreme Court
  18. Decided on 12.09.2023

  19. Supreme Court Comes To Rescue Of Party Who Filed Cheque Bounce Case In Wrong Court After Noting He Got Incorrect Legal Advice
  20. Decided on 12.09.2023

  21. No Litigant Should Be Permitted To Misuse The Process Of Law Through Vexatious Applications: Supreme Court
  22. Decided on 13.09.2023

  23. Can't Convict One Accused & Acquit Another When Evidence Is Same' - Persons Who Didn't File Appeal Acquited: Supreme Court
  24. Decided on 13.09.2023

  25. Standard Of Proof To Prove Insanity Is Only 'Reasonable Doubt' : Supreme Court Acquits Man Accused Of Killing His Grandfather
  26. Decided on 13.09.2023

  27. Cooperative Society Not Doing Banking Business But Providing Credit Facilities To Members Eligible For Sec 80P Deduction Under Income Tax Act: Supreme Court
  28. Decided on 13.09.2023

  29. In Suit For Passing Off, Plaintiff Required To Prove Figures Of Sale/ Advertisement Expenses To Establish Goodwill : Supreme Court
  30. Decided on 14.09.2023

  31. Order V Rule 2 Of Civil Procedure Code Requires Service Of Summons With Plaint: Supreme Court
  32. Decided on 15.09.2023

  33. S. 27 Evidence Act | Discovery Can't Be Proved Against Person If He Wasn't Accused Of Any Offence & Wasn't In Custody Of Police At The Time Of Confess
  34. Decided on 21.09.2023

  35. SARFAESI Act | Borrower's Right To Redeem Mortgage Extinguishes Once Bank Publishes Auction Notice For Secured Asset: Supreme Court
  36. Decided on 21.09.2023

  37. No Party Should Be Vexed Twice In A Litigation For One And The Same Cause: Supreme Court On 'Constructive Res Judicata : Supreme Court
  38. Decided on 20.09.2023

  39. Principles Of Applying Section 106 Of Evidence Act : Supreme Court
  40. Decided on 06.10.2023

  41. Homebuyers Who Secure RERA Decrees Can't Be Treated Differently From Other Financial Creditors Under IBC : Supreme Court
  42. Decided on 06.10.2023

  43. NDPS Act | If Samples Are Drawn Violating Section 52A, Trial Stands Vitiated : Supreme Court
  44. Decided on 13.10.2023

  45. Article 226 | High Court Ought To Relegate Parties To Alternate Remedies When There Are Serious Factual Disputes: Supreme Court
  46. Decided on 13.10.2023

  47. BREAKING| 'Unbecoming Of A Judicial Tribunal' : Supreme Court Issues Contempt Notice To NCLAT Members For Passing Judgment Defying SC Order
  48. Decided on 16.10.2023

  49. Section 362 CrPC Bar Not Applicable To Bail Orders : Supreme Court
  50. Decided on 16.10.2023

  51. SARFAESI Act | As per Unamended S.13(8), Borrower Has Right To Redeem Available Till Sale Certificate Is Registered & Possession Is Handed Over : Supreme Court
  52. Decided on 17.10.2023

  53. Conviction Under Section 498-A IPC Can Be Upheld Despite Acquittal Under Section 304-B IPC : Supreme Court
  54. Decided on 19.10.2023

  55. Supreme Court Affirms Penalty On 'Zarda' Manufacturers For Misclassifying Product As 'Chewing Tobacco' For Central Excise Duty
  56. Decided on 20.10.2023

  57. Section 47 CPC | Executing Court Can Consider Only Questions Limited To Execution Of Decree; Can't Go Behind Decree: Supreme Court
  58. Decided on 30.10.2023

  59. Second Petition Under S.482 CrPC On Grounds Available At The Time Of First Petition Not Maintainable: Supreme Court
  60. Decided on 30.10.2023

  61. Murder Trial | Exception 4 To Section 300 IPC Not Applicable If Accused Took "Undue Advantage" Of Situation: Supreme Court
  62. Decided on 01.11.2023

  63. Professors Entitled To Salary For Work Done Till End Of Academic Year Despite Attaining Retirement Age Mid Term : Supreme Court
  64. Decided on 30.10.2023

  65. Agreement To Sell Doesn't Transfer Ownership Rights Or Confer Title : Supreme Court
  66. Decided on 02.11.2023

  67. Law Does Not Require Only An Independent Witness To Prove NDPS Act Charges: Supreme Court
  68. Decided on 02.11.2023

  69. For Conviction Under Section 149 IPC, No Overt Act Needed; Membership Of Unlawful Assembly Enough: Supreme Court
  70. Decided on 03.11.2023

  71. Murder Trial | Non-Explanation Of Injuries On Accused Will Create Doubts On Prosecution Version : Supreme Court
  72. Decided on 03.11.2023

  73. For Conviction Under Section 149 IPC, No Overt Act Needed; Membership Of Unlawful Assembly Enough: Supreme Court
  74. Decided on 03.11.2023

  75. Should Not Have Waited For 13 Years ': Supreme Court Dismisses Specific Performance Suit Filed In 1999 For Sale Agreement Of 1986
  76. Decided on 04.11.2023

  77. S.65B Evidence Act Certificate Can Be Produced At Any Stage Of Trial: Supreme Court Allows Prosecution Plea In 2008 Bangalore Blasts Case
  78. Decided on 06.11.2023

  79. Magistrate Can't Entertain Protest Petition Against Own Order Taking Cognisance: Supreme Court
  80. Decided on 07.11.2023

  81. Eligibility Conditions For Post Can't Be Relaxed After Last Date Of Applications Without Giving Wide Publicity: Supreme Court
  82. Decided on 09.11.2023

    High Courts

  1. Judgment Debtor Must Pay Interest Till Compensation Is Paid Even If Amount Deposited In Court During Appeal: Karnataka High Court
  2. Decided on 07.07.2023

  3. Married Daughter Can't Challenge Denial Of Compassionate Appointment In Absence Of Dependency, Financial Hardship Of Bereaved Family: Madras HC
  4. Decided on 30.08.2023

  5. Fees To Arbitrator Has To Be Treated On Parity With The Fees Of The Liquidator And Must Be Given A Preferential Status In Terms Of Priority Of Dues: Madras High Court
  6. Decided on 31.08.2023

  7. Parents' Mistake Can't Deprive Child Of Birth Certificate For Eternity: Karnataka High Court
  8. Decided on 01.09.2023

  9. Using Political Power To Grab Land From Common Man Is Daylight Robbery: Madras HC
  10. Decided on 04.09.2023

  11. Order VIII Rule 6 CPC | Can't Reject Counter Claim If Omissions Pointed Only At Appellate Stage, Not During Trial: Kerala High Court
  12. Decided on 05.09.2023

  13. Delay In Lodging FIR Cannot Be Used As "Ritualistic Formula" For Discarding Prosecution Case: Patna High Court
  14. Decided on 11.09.2023

  15. S.202 CrPC | Magistrate's Order Showing Application Of Mind Not Bad For “Absence Of Magic Words” About Prima Facie Satisfaction: Calcutta HC
  16. Decided on 12.09.2023

  17. Can't Deny A Citizen's Statutory Rights For Not Having Aadhar Card:Telangana HC
  18. Decided on 16.09.2023

  19. Husband Taking 'Academic Break' Doesn't Extinguish His Duty To Maintain Wife And Children : Madras High Court
  20. Decided on 12.09.2023

  21. Execution Petition For Arbitration Award Would Lie Only Before The Designated Commercial Courts: Andhra Pradesh High Court
  22. Decided on 12.09.2023

  23. PMLA | Freezing Order Under Section 17(1-A) Not Valid If ECIR Quashed & FIR Not Registered: Kerala High Court
  24. Decided on 12.09.2023

  25. Period Of Limitation For Filing Appeal Against Family Court Order Is 30 Days, Delay Can Be Condoned If Sufficient Cause Shown: Delhi High Court
  26. Decided on 12.09.2023

  27. Divorced Daughter Not 'Dependant' U/S 21 Hindu Adoptions & Maintenance Act, Not Entitled To Maintenance From Late Father's Estate: Delhi High Court
  28. Decided on 13.09.2023

  29. 'Can't Curtail An Individual's Liberty Due To Lawyers' Strike': Bail Granted To A Lady In Dowry Death Case: Allahabad HC
  30. Decided on 14.09.2023

  31. Order 14 Rule 5 CPC | Additional Issue Can Be Framed Anytime Before Passing Decree: Karnataka High Court
  32. Decided on 15.09.2023

  33. Prisoner And His Fundamental Duties Do Not Part Ways At Prison Gates: Madras High Court Allows 40 Days Ordinary Leave To Life Convict : Madras High Court
  34. Decided on 15.09.2023

  35. Delhi High Court Issues Summons To ‘People Of India’ Portal In Copyright Infringement Suit By Humans Of Bombay: Delhi HC
  36. Decided on 18.09.2023

  37. No Materials Prima Facie Indicating UAPA Offences Against Mahesh Raut : Bombay High Court In Bhima Koregaon Case
  38. Decided on 21.09.2023

  39. Review Of Judgement Cannot Be “Cloaked Appeal,” Must Be Within Contours Of Order 47 Rule 1 CPC : Calcutta High Court Srinjoy
  40. Decided on 05.10.2023

  41. Indian Trade Union Act | Appeal U/S 11 Not Maintainable Unless Registration Of Trade Union Refused Or Withdrawn: Rajasthan High Court
  42. Decided on 05.10.2023

  43. Arbitration Clause Allowing One Party To Appoint 2/3rd Of Arbitral Tribunal Is Not Enforceable: Delhi High Court
  44. Decided on 10.10.2023

  45. No Stamp Duty Is Payable On An Instrument Executed By, Or On Behalf Of, Or In Favour Of The Government, N.N. Global Not Applicable To Such Instruments: Delhi High Court
  46. Decided on 12.10.2023

  47. Writ Petitions Against Orders Passed By IPAB Must Be Decided By Single Judge: Delhi High Court
  48. Decided on 16.10.2023

  49. Promotion Cannot Be Denied In Cases Where Chargesheet Not Filed In Pending Criminal Case Against Employee: Karnataka High Court
  50. Decided on 12.10.2023

  51. Penalty Is Payable On Failure To Deposit Tax Collected Within A Period Of Thirty Days From The Due Date: Kerala High Court
  52. Decided on 17.10.2023

  53. Ex-Parte Decision In Matrimonial Suits Unjust; Has Social, Financial & ‘Strong Emotional Impact’: Calcutta High Court
  54. Decided on 17.10.2023

  55. Tenants Can Reconstruct Demolished Premises Without NOC From Landlord, Recover Costs If Owner Fails To Redevelop: Bombay High Court
  56. Decided on 18.10.2023

  57. Concurrent Jurisdiction U/S 397 CrPC: Kerala HC Says No Bar On Approaching High Court For Revision But More Appropriate To Move Sessions Court First
  58. Decided on 26.10.2023

  59. A Party Cannot Be Allowed To Take Advantage Of Inartistic Drafting Of Arbitration Clause As Long As The Intention To Arbitrate Is Clear: Bombay High Court
  60. Decided on 27.10.2023

  61. Can’t Conduct Narco, Polygraph & Brain Mapping Tests Without Recording Consent Before Magistrate: MP High Court
  62. Decided on 27.10.2023

  63. Madras High Court Dismisses Plea Seeking Steps To Remove "Future" Unauthorised Flag Poles By Political Parties
  64. Decided on 02.11.2023

  65. S.17A PC Act | Prior Approval Must When No 'Demand' Made By Accused Public Servant But Money Is Accepted Or Thrust Upon Him: Karnataka High Court Must
  66. Decided on 21.06.2023

  67. Accused Can't Be Given Opportunity To Explain Before Filing Final Report : Supreme Court Sets Aside 'Strange' HC Order
  68. Decided on 31.10.2023

  69. [S.447 IPC] Intention To Commit Any Offence/ Intimidate, Insult Or Annoy Possessor Necessary To Establish Criminal Trespass: Kerala High Court Tellmy
  70. Decided on 01.11.2023

  71. Reservation Under Central Educational Institutions (Reservation And Admission) Act Applies To IIMs: Kerala High Court
  72. Decided on 02.11.2023

  73. Prisoner Has As Much Right To Study As Person Outside Confines Of Jail': Kerala High Court Permits Two Life Convicts To Attend Online LLB Classes
  74. Decided on 03.11.2023

  75. Section 29A Permits The Court To Extend The Mandate Of The Arbitral Tribunal Even When The Application Is Made After The Expiry Of Time Limit Provided
  76. Decided on 06.11.2023

  77. Allegation Of Caste Discrimination In Madras Bar Association Far-Fetched; Discrimination Doesn’t Flow From Membership Denial : Madras High Court
  78. Decided on 06.11.2023

  79. Live-in Relationship Without Dissolving Previous Marriage May Amount To Bigamy: Punjab & Haryana High Court
  80. Decided on 06.11.2023

  81. Even A Blank Cheque Leaf Attracts Presumption Under S.139 NI Act If Voluntarily Signed & Given Towards Payment : Kerala High Court
  82. Decided on 07.11.2023

  83. Throwing On Another Person Any Liquid Or Substance Other Than 'Acid' Not An Offence U/S 326B IPC: Delhi High Court
  84. Decided on 08.11.2023

  85. Re-Opening Is Not Permissible As It Falls Within The Purview Of A ‘Change Of Opinion’: Bombay High Court
  86. Decided on 08.11.2023