Supreme Court

  1. When Called Upon To Invoke S.482 CrPC, High Courts Should Carefully Examine If Accusations Constitute Offence : Supreme Court
  2. Decided on 04.01.2024

  3. Setting Person On Fire 'Extreme Cruelty': Supreme Court Upholds Murder Conviction, Life Imprisonment Of Man Who Killed Wife
  4. Decided on 10.01.2024

  5. When Maintainability Of Suit Is Questioned, Court Should Prima Facie Decide Jurisdiction Before Granting Interim Relief : Supreme Court
  6. Decided on 12.01.2024

  7. Order 8 Rule 10 CPC | Suit Can't Be Decreed Merely On Defendant's Failure To File Written Statement If Plaintiff's Case Isn't Proved : Supreme Court
  8. Decided on 12.01.2024

  9. S.197 CrPC Applies Only To Acts In Discharge Of Public Servant's Official Duties; Fabrication Of Documents Not Part Of Official Duty: Supreme Court
  10. Decided on 17.01.2024

    High Courts

  11. Even Prisoner Who Committed Heinous Crime Entitled To Be Treated As Human”: Madras HC Allows Convicts To Attend Mother's Death Ceremony
  12. Decided on 05.01.2024

  13. Those Harassing Daughter-In-Law For Giving Birth To Girl Child Should Know That Chromosomes Of Their Son Decides Child's Gender: Delhi HC
  14. Decided on 08.01.2024

  15. S.243 CrPC Does Not Bar Investigating Officer To Appear As Witness For Accused In Cross-Case Where Accused Is Complainant: MP High Court
  16. Decided on 09.01.2024

  17. Arbitral Award Can't Be Challenged On Ground Of Bias Of Arbitrator If No Challenge Was Made During Arbitral Proceedings: Delhi High Court
  18. Decided on 10.01.2024

  19. Muslim Woman Need Not Move Court To Record 'Talaq', Marriage Registration Officer Can Record It : Kerala High Court
  20. Decided on 10.01.2024