Supreme Court

  1. Hindu Marriage Act | Divorce Petition Can Be Filed If Spouse Ignores Restitution Of Conjugal Rights Decree For Over One Year : Supreme Court
  2. Decided on 08.07.2024

  3. Power Of Attorney Impliedly Revoked When Principal Acts Independent Of Agency With Knowledge To Agent & Third Parties : Supreme Court
  4. Decided on 09.07.2024

  5. Relevant Factors To Assess Compensation In Land Acquisition Proceedings : Supreme Court Explains
  6. Decided on 10.07.2024

  7. Muslim Women Illegally Divorced Through Triple Talaq Can Seek Maintenance Under Section 125 CrPC : Supreme Court
  8. Decided on 10.07.2024

  9. Divorced Muslim Woman Can Seek Maintenance From Husband Under S.125 CrPC In Addition To Remedy Under 1986 Act : Supreme Court
  10. Decided on 10.07.2024

    High Courts

  11. S.138 NI Act | Rajasthan High Court Permits Correction Of Date Of Presentation And Dishonour Of Cheque In Complaint Petition
  12. Decided on 24.04.2024

  13. Life Convicts Should Be Eligible For Premature Release Once They Have Served Sufficient Period Of Time In Prison: Punjab & Haryana High Court
  14. Decided on 01.07.2024

  15. Even Without Further Allegation Of Bias Under Section 12(5) Of Arbitration Act, Unilaterally Appointed Arbitrator Is Ineligible: Calcutta High Court
  16. Decided on 02.07.2024

  17. Litigant Can't Be Held Responsible For Counsel's Failure to File Appeal Within Statutory Period Of Limitation: Allahabad High Court
  18. Decided on 03.07.2024

  19. Police Must Commence Investigation Immediately In Missing Children Cases Without Waiting For 24 Hours: Delhi High Court
  20. Decided on 09.07.2024