Supreme Court

  1. Employee Appointed Through Valid Process Can't Be Denied Regularization If Performing Permanent Role For Considerable Time: Supreme Court
  2. Decided on 30.01.2024

  3. Suspension Of Sentence Exception In Serious Offences, S.389 CrPC Not To Be Invoked Merely Because Convict Was In Jail For Long : Supreme Court
  4. Decided on 05.04.2024

  5. S.138 NI Act | Courts Can't Compel Complainant To Give Consent For Compounding, Mere Repayment Won't Absolve Accused : Supreme Court
  6. Decided on 08.04.2024

  7. Delay In Trial: Supreme Court Grants Bail To Man Who Spent 10 Years In Custody Without Conclusion Of Trial
  8. Decided on 19.04.2024

  9. Acceptance Of Resignation Results In Termination Of Employment, Non-Communication Of Acceptance To Employee Immaterial: Supreme Court
  10. Decided on 25.04.2024

    High Courts

  11. Evidence Taken Behind The Back Of A Party After Completion Of Arguments, Madras High Court Sets Aside Arbitration Award
  12. Decided on 21.03.2024

  13. Secured Creditor Can't Proceed Under SARFAESI Act Following Dismissal Of Civil Suit For Recovery On Merits: Kerala High Court
  14. Decided on 11.04.2024

  15. [Cybercrime] IPC Can Simultaneously Be Invoked If Sections Under IT Act Don't Address All Ingredients Of Offence: Bombay High Court Full Bench
  16. Decided on 15.04.2024

  17. Prosecutor Can't Merely 'Cross Sign' & 'Forward' Investigator's Application For Extension Of Custody U/S 36A(4): Punjab & Haryana High Court
  18. Decided on 18.04.2024

  19. S.138 NI Act | Indian Courts Have Jurisdiction On "Foreign Cheques" Deposited For Encashment Here: Delhi High Court
  20. Decided on 22.04.2024