Supreme Court

  1. Magistrate Doesn't Take Cognizance Of Offence While Directing Police Investigation As Per S.156(3) CrPC : Supreme Court
  2. Decided on 14.05.2024

  3. As Civil Suit To Enforce Claim In Benami Property Is Barred, Criminal Proceeding By 'Real' Owner Also Impermissible: Supreme Court
  4. Decided on 15.05.2024

  5. Arbitrator's Power Under Section 32(2)(c) Can Be Exercised Only If Continuation Of Proceedings Has Become Unnecessary Or Impossible: Supreme Court
  6. Decided on 16.05.2024

  7. Specific Performance Of Contract Can Be Refused If Suit Wasn't Filed Immediately After Breach Though Within Limitation Period : Supreme Court
  8. Decided on 17.05.2024

  9. Can A Person, Awarded Monetary Compensation But Has Not Received It, File Appeal As Indigent? Supreme Court Answers
  10. Decided on 27.05.2024

    High Courts

  11. Notice Of Hearing Must Be Issued To Petitioner & Not His Counsel When Court Seeks To Grant Hearing To All Interested Parties: MP High Court
  12. Decided on 24.04.2024

  13. Contracting Second Marriage May Be Lawful For A Muslim Man But It Causes 'Enormous' Cruelty To First Wife: Patna HC
  14. Decided on 03.05.2024

  15. Professional Sureties Have Become The Norm Since Criminal Courts Are Not Releasing Accused On Personal Bonds: Punjab & Haryana High Court
  16. Decided on 10.05.2024

  17. Employee Untraceable For Seven Year Should Be Presumed Dead, Heirs Entitled To Terminal Benefits: Calcutta High Court
  18. Decided on 24.05.2024

  19. No Illegal Religious Structures Should Be Allowed On Govt Lands, Encroachments By Religious Groups Would Lead To Disharmony: Kerala High Court
  20. Decided on 27.05.2024